With cable requirements changing recently, we’ve found throughout the industry that there is not enough understanding about NBN requirements.

Call us for advice and information to ensure that your home will be ready for  when the NBN rolls into town, giving you access to fast and reliable internet.

With NBN your internet will be faster than ever before.  You’ll be able to download movies in a matter of minutes, which would have previously taken hours.

Existing homes – talk to us about upgrading your current cabling in readiness for the National Broadband Network.

Infrastructure is currently being installed in the Geelong region, actual timelines are available on the Government’s NBN website http://www.nbn.gov.au/. Your house can be wired for NBN now and still run on the copper network until changeover. So when you are connected from the copper to the fibre network you could be ready to go.

Get ready now to take full advantage of the state of the art services that will be provided. We have many options available from basic to extensive data networks.

Benefits Of The NBN

  • High-speed and highly reliable internet connection
  • Download any bought entire movies in just minutes and purchased movies within a few seconds
  • Internet TV (IPTV) – Huge selection to choose from
  •  Internet telephone (VOIP) – Will cost you next to nothing to keep in touch using this method
  •  Ability to utilise all the latest technology to effortlessly connect all your ‘smart’ devices simultaneously
  •  Lightning fast connection to deliver Crystal clear HD TV, video conferencing and Skype